Our doctors work in a partnership and as a group. Although you are registered with a named doctor, you may see any of the doctors in the partnership. However, we encourage you to remain with one GP for routine appointments to improve continuity.

Dr Sayanthan Ganesaratnam

Male, MBBS BSc MRCGP PGDip Diabetes PG ME, Partner
Special interests: Diabetes, sexual health
Profile: Dr Sayanthan graduated from University College London Medical School in 2002 and has worked and trained at many of the local hospitals including St Heliers and St George’s where he did his GP training. He has interests in diabetes (Warwick University trained), education, family planning, dermatology, and haematology. He represents Wide Way at commissioning group meetings. He is also a South London appraiser, CQC Clinical adviser and is soon to become a GP Trainer. In his spare time, Dr Sy enjoys cross-country running and mountain biking.

Dr Mohan Sekeram

Male, MBBS BSc  MRCGP, Partner
Profile: Dr Sekeram studied Medicine at Imperial College and graduated in 2002. He has been a GP in Merton since 2008. His interests include Urgent Care and education. His other roles include working for Merton Clinical CommissionIng group ,Member of Merton LMC and GP trainer. Dr Sekeram enjoys travelling and running. A few of his major achievements are running the London, Berlin and Paris marathons. He is a keen AFC Wimbledon fan. Dr Sekeram is married with 3 children.

Dr Sellappah Ganesaratam

Special interests: Coronary heart disease, diabetes, occupational medicine
Profile: Dr Ganesaratnam trained in Sri Lanka and has been working as a Doctor for over 30 years. A former University pathology lecturer and tutor in Kandy, Sri Lanka, Dr Ganes is well travelled and has worked in many diverse areas of medicine. He has an interest in general medicine and diabetes and is a member of the Royal College of Physicians, UK. In his spare time, Dr Ganes enjoys travelling, walking, and cycling.

Dr Annie Murphy

Female, Salaried GP
Special Interests: Family Planning, Women’s Health and Mental Health
Profile: Dr Murphy graduated from King’s College London in 2006 and trained at Epsom St Helier Hospitals as well as hospitals in France, Vietnam and the Philippines. She has worked as a GP in Surrey, Wandsworth Sutton and moved to Merton in 2016. Dr Murphy enjoys playing tennis and practising Tai Chi and Choi Kwang Do. She is also director of a tour operator for Asia and performs in annual travel shows culture evenings.

Dr Maleeha Kirmani

Female, Salaried GP
Profile: Dr Kirmani studied medicine at Imperial College and graduated in 2001 and has worked in hospitals in the UK and Overseas. She has been a GP in Merton since 2009. Dr Kirmani has developed an interest in family planning and teaching. In her spare time Dr Kirmani enjoys travelling and badminton.

Dr Joanna Bennet – Female, GP Trainer

Dr Paul Riley