Integrated Care Board

SW London ICB is responsible for planning, buying (commissioning) and monitoring local healthcare services for everyone in the borough.

Our group of 21 GP practices works together with our partners in the local NHS, (pharmacists, dentists, hospitals and mental health providers) local community groups and the London Borough of Merton, to:

  • improve health and well being
  • reduce health inequalities; and
  • ensure everyone has equal access to healthcare services.

Our guiding principle is that everyone in Merton should be able to receive the care they need, at the right time, in the right place and from the right healthcare professionals, bringing the right results for each individual patient.

We aim to offer the people of Merton a wide range of accessible, high-quality and easy-to-use services to help them stay healthy, and to care for them when they fall ill and need extra support.

We realise that we can only do these things if we hear and understand what people think of health services and we are committed to obtaining your feedback on whether the services you use are meeting your needs.

For more information please visit the SW London ICB.